Programming the remote control

A maximum of four remote controls (including the ones supplied with the vehicle) can be programmed.

To programme a new remote control:

To programme a new remote control:

Turn the ignition key to position II four times within six seconds.

Switch off the ignition. A tone sounds to indicate that it is now possible to programme a new remote control.

Press any button on a new remote control. A tone will sound as confirmation. Repeat this last step for all of your remote controls, including the original.

Switch the ignition back on or wait for ten seconds without programming another remote control to end remote control programming. Only the remote controls which you have just programmed are now able to lock and unlock your vehicle.

Re-programming the unlocking function

You can change the unlocking function so that pressing the unlock button once deactivates the central locking or double locking, disarms the anti-theft alarm system and unlocks the drivers door.

Pressing the unlock button twice within three seconds also unlocks the passengers doors.

If you want the tailgate to be locked while driving, press the locking button on the drivers door to activate central locking.

In order to re-programme the function,

In order to re-programme the function, press and hold the unlock and lock buttons simultaneously for at least four seconds with the ignition switched off.

The direction indicators will flash twice to indicate that the unlocking function has been successfully re-programmed.

Pressing and holding both buttons simultaneously for at least four seconds again will change the function back.

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