Washer nozzles - removal and refitting

Windscreen and rear window washers
1 To remove a nozzle, carefully prise it from its location using a thin-bladed screwdriver.

Disconnect the washer hose and withdraw the nozzle.

2 To refit, reconnect the washer hose to the nozzle, and push the nozzle into its locating hole.

3 The nozzles can be adjusted by inserting a pin into the jet and swivelling to the required position.

Headlamp washers
Models up to 1987
4 Remove the radiator grille panel.

5 Disconnect the washer hose from the nozzle.

6 Separate the upper and lower halves of the nozzle by prising apart with a thin-bladed screwdriver, then withdraw the nozzle halves.

7 Refitting is a reversal of removal.

8 The nozzles can be adjusted as described in paragraph 3.

Models from 1987
9 Disconnect the washer hose from the nozzle on the end of the wiper arm.

10 Prise the combined wiper blade mounting and nozzle from the wiper arm using a thinbladed screwdriver or a pair of pliers.

11 Refitting is a reversal of removal.

12 Note that the nozzles are not adjustable.

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