Disarming the alarm

The anti-theft alarm system can be deactivated at any time Ц even when the alarm is sounding Ц by unlocking the vehicle from the outside.

The anti-theft alarm system for the tailgate is deactivated if the tailgate is unlocked using the button on the remote control or passive key. On vehicles with keyless entry, it is deactivated if a passive key is located within the tailgate detection range when the tailgate is opened.

After closure, the alarm is once again armed.

Britain and Ireland only

If the vehicle is unlocked using the key or the spare key for the keyless entry system, a 12 second delay chime starts as soon as the driverТs door is opened.

The alarm should be deactivated during this period.

Vehicles without keyless entry

To deactivate the alarm, insert the key into the ignition and turn it to position II.

Vehicles with keyless entry

The alarm should be deactivated in one of the following ways:
Х If a valid passive key is located within the vehicle interior, depress the clutch pedal (manual transmission) or brake pedal (automatic transmission), push the ignition switch in and turn it to position II.

Х Insert the spare key into the ignition switch, push the ignition switch in and turn it to position II.

Х Press the unlock button on the passive key.

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