General information

This section describes the functions and features of the Bluetooth mobile phone and voice control system.

The section covers the following variations:
Х a mobile phone with a mobile phone cradle without voice control.

Х a Bluetooth and voice control system with a mobile phone cradle.

Х a Bluetooth and voice control system without a mobile phone cradle.

The Bluetooth mobile phone part of the system provides interaction with the audio or navigation system and your mobile phone. It allows you to use the audio or navigation system to make and receive calls without having to use your mobile phone.

The voice control part of the system can be used to control:
Х mobile phone calls.

Х audio system functions.

Х vehicle climate control functions.

Note: The mobile phone does not switch off immediately after the ignition key is turned off: the power down delay is preset to 10 minutes. The time period can be adjusted to between 0 and 60 minutes.

This, depending on your mobile phone, can be achieved by creating a phonebook entry on your mobile phone with the name Timer and the required delay as it's number.

If the Bluetooth and voice control is used for an extended period of time when the vehicle is stationary, make sure that the engine is running to avoid draining the battery

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