Electric windows

Do not operate the electric windows unless they are free from obstruction.

Note: If you operate the switches often during a short period of time, the system might become inoperable for a certain time to prevent damage due to overheating.

Note: You can operate the windows for several minutes after you switch off the ignition. They will be deactivated as soon as a door is opened.

Note: If you operate both the switch on the relevant door and the switch for that window on the drivers door at the same time, the window will stop moving.

Switch on the ignition to operate the electric windows.

Global opening and global closing

You can also operate the electric windows with the ignition off via the global opening and global closing function. See Global opening and closing.

Note: Global opening and global closing will open or close the windows automatically only on vehicles equipped with four electric windows.

Note: Global closing will only operate if you have set the memory correctly for each window.

Drivers door switches
Drivers door switches

You can operate all the windows with the switches on the door trim panel of the drivers door.

Front and rear passengers door switches
Front and rear passengers door switches

Opening and closing the windows automatically

Press or lift the switch to the second action point and release it. Press or lift it again to stop the windows.

Safety switch for rear windows
Safety switch for rear windows

Note: You can always operate the rear windows from the drivers door.

A switch in the drivers door disables the rear electric window switches.

The light in the switch illuminates and the lights in the rear window switches go off when the rear windows are disabled.

Anti-trap function

Careless closing of the windows can override the protection function and cause injuries.

The electric windows will stop automatically while closing and reverse some distance if there is an obstacle in the way.

Overriding the anti-trap function

While you close the window for the third time, the anti-trap function is disabled. Make sure there are no obstacles in the way of the closing window.

To override this protection function when there is a resistance, for example, in the winter, proceed as follows: 1. Close the window twice until it reaches the resistance and let it reverse.

2. Close the window a third time to the resistance. The anti-trap function is disabled and you cannot close the window automatically. The window will override the resistance and you can close it fully.

3. If the window does not close after the third attempt, have it checked by a properly trained technician.

Resetting the memory of the electric windows

The anti-trap function is deactivated until you have reset the memory.

After the battery has been disconnected from the vehicle you must reset the memory separately for each window: 1. Lift the switch until the window is fully closed. Hold the switch lifted for one more second.

2. Release the switch and lift it again, two or three times, for one more second.

3. Open the window and try to close it automatically.

4. Reset and repeat procedure if the window does not close automatically.

Safety mode

The anti-trap function is not active during this procedure.

If the system detects a malfunction, it enters a safety mode. The windows will move for only about 0.5 seconds at a time and then stop again. Close the windows by pressing the switch again when the windows stop moving. Have this checked immediately.

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