Electric exterior mirrors

Electric exterior mirrors
Electric exterior mirrors

Left-hand mirror A
Off B
Right-hand mirror C

Mirror tilting positions
Mirror tilting positions

The electric exterior mirrors are fitted with a heating element that will defrost or demist the mirror glass. See Heated windows and mirrors.

Electric folding mirrors

Automatic folding and unfolding

Note: If the mirrors have been folded using the manual fold button they can only be unfolded using the manual fold button.

The mirrors will fold automatically when you lock the vehicle with the key, the remote control or a keyless entry system request. The mirrors will unfold when you unlock the vehicle with the key, the remote control, a keyless entry system request, the driver's interior door handle or starting the engine.

Manual folding and unfolding

The electric folding mirrors operate with the ignition on.

Note: You can operate the mirrors (mirror tilting and folding) for several minutes after you switch off the ignition. They will be deactivated as soon as a door is opened.

Press the button to fold or unfold the

Press the button to fold or unfold the mirrors.

If you press the switch again while the mirrors are moving, they will stop and reverse the direction of movement.

Note: When the mirrors are operated often during a short period of time, the system may become inoperable for a period of time to prevent damage due to overheating.

Reverse mirror dipping

Depending on the switch position (A or C), the relevant exterior mirror will dip whenever you select reverse gear, giving you a view of the kerb.

Note: You can disable this feature by leaving the switch in position B.

The exterior mirror will return to the original position:
Х If the vehicle speed exceeds 10 km/h (6 mph).

Х Approximately 10 seconds after reverse gear has been disengaged.

Х If the switch is returned to position B.

When you first use this feature, the mirror will dip to a preset position. This position can be adjusted using the following sequence:
1. Turn the ignition on. Do not start the engine.

2. Select the desired exterior mirror (A or C).

3. Select reverse gear, the selected exterior mirror will adjust to a preset position.

4. Adjust the mirror to the required dipped position.

5. Disengage reverse gear or press and hold the desired memory pre-set button until a single chime sounds to confirm. See Memory function.

The settings will be stored automatically.

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