Memory function

Before activating the seat memory, make sure that the area immediately surrounding the seat is clear of obstructions and that all occupants are clear of moving parts.

Do not use the memory store function when the vehicle is moving.

Seat adjustment controls See Electric seats. A
Seat adjustment controls See Electric seats. A Memory pre-set buttons B

Up to four different driver's seat and exterior mirror positions can be stored in the memory. Your preferred setting for the reverse mirror dipping feature can also be stored. See Electric exterior mirrors.

Setting a memory pre-set

Passive setting

The vehicle stores the seating and mirror positions for up to four remote controls or passive keys. Next time the vehicle is unlocked, the position of the seat and mirrors will adjust to the last used position.

Each time you turn the ignition off, the current seat and mirror settings are stored on the remote control or passive key used.

Active setting

1. Turn the ignition on.

2. Adjust the seat and exterior mirrors to the desired position.

3. Press and hold the desired pre-set button B until a single chime sounds to confirm.

Recalling a stored seat position

Note: To stop seat movement during a recall, press any driver seat adjustment control, any of the memory buttons or any mirror control switch. Seat movement will also stop if you move the vehicle.

Passive recall

Note: If more than one passive key is in range, the memory function will move to the settings of the first key stored.

When you unlock the vehicle with the remote control or pull the driver door handle with a passive key in range, the seat and mirrors will move to the position stored on that remote control or passive key.

Active recall

Press the pre-set button associated with the desired driving position. The seat and mirrors will move to the position stored on that pre-set.

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