Forward alert function

The system assists you by warning of the risk of a collision, and reducing the severity of a collision with a vehicle in front. This works by using two methods: • You are alerted to a potential collision so you may brake earlier than normal.

• Brake support is activated to enable full braking effectiveness.

The collision alerts will only occur if the system is switched on, however the brake support is always on and cannot be turned off. Warnings are both visual and audible. Brake support is activated automatically if necessary to reduce the collision speed. The brake support system only reduces the collision speed if you brake immediately once alerted.

Never wait for a collision warning.

When driving you are responsible for maintaining the correct distance and speed, even when the system is used.

The system will only react to vehicles in front travelling in the same direction and will not react to slow or stationary vehicles.

Never drive in a manner to provoke the system. The system is designed to assist in emergencies only.

The system alerts you by warning chimes and a visual warning in the information display. See Information messages.

When forward alert is deactivated the lamp is illuminated in the display. See Warning lamps and indicators.

The system does not operate in all driving situations and traffic, weather and road conditions.

The radar sensor detects vehicles in front that are driving in the same direction as you. If the risk of collision still increases after the initial warning then brake support is activated. Brake support prepares the brake system for rapid braking and the brakes are applied gently, which may be noticed as a slight jerk. If the brake pedal is depressed sufficiently quickly then braking is implemented with full brake function, even if the force on the pedal is light.

Warnings may be triggered late, be absent or triggered unnecessarily if the traffic situation means that the radar sensor cannot accurately detect a vehicle in front. The system uses the same radar sensors as adaptive cruise control (ACC) and therefore has the same limitations. See Principle of operation.

Note: The system may be used with or without the ACC system being activated.

Switching forward alert on and off

See General information.

Adjusting the warning sensitivity

You may adjust the system warning sensitivity using the buttons on the steering wheel. See General information.

This controls how early the visual and audible warning is activated.

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