Detachable tow ball

When not in use, always transport the tow ball arm securely fastened in the luggage compartment.

Take special care when fitting the tow ball arm as the safety of the vehicle and the trailer depends on this.

Do not use any tools for mounting or dismounting the tow ball arm. Do not modify the trailer coupling. Do not disassemble or repair the tow ball arm.

A 13-pin trailer socket and the tow ball arm

A 13-pin trailer socket and the tow ball arm seat are provided underneath the rear bumper. Turn the trailer socket down through 90 degrees until it engages in the end position.

Unlocking the tow ball arm mechanism

1. Remove the protecting cap (1). Insert

1. Remove the protecting cap (1). Insert the key and turn it clockwise to unlock (2).

2. Hold the tow ball arm. Pull the handwheel out and turn it clockwise until it clicks (3).

3. The red mark on the handwheel must align with the green mark on the tow ball.

4. Release the handwheel. The tow ball arm is unlocked.

Inserting the tow ball arm
Inserting the tow ball arm

The tow ball arm may only be inserted when completely unlocked.

1. Pull out the plug.

2. Insert the tow ball arm vertically and press it upwards until it engages (1).

Do not hold your hand near the handwheel.

3. The green mark on the handwheel must align with the green mark on the tow ball.

4. To lock, turn the key anti-clockwise and remove the key (2).

5. Pull the protecting cap from the key bow and press it onto the lock.

Driving with a trailer
Driving with a trailer

If any of the below conditions cannot be met, do not use the tow bar and have it checked by a properly trained technician.

Before starting your journey, make sure that the tow ball arm is properly locked.

Х the green marks are aligned.

Х the handwheel (A) is correctly fitted to the tow ball arm.

Х you have removed the key (B).

Х the tow ball arm is securely positioned.

It must not move when jerked.

Removing the tow ball arm
Removing the tow ball arm

1. Unhitch the trailer.

2. Remove the protecting cap. Press the cap into the key bow. Insert the key and unlock (1).

3. Hold the tow ball arm. Pull the handwheel out, turn it clockwise against the stop (2) and remove the tow ball arm (3).

4. Release the handwheel.

When unlocked in this way, the tow ball arm can be reinserted at any time.

Driving without a trailer
Driving without a trailer

1. Remove the tow ball arm.

2. Insert the plug into its seat (1).

Never unlock the tow ball arm with the trailer attached.


Remove the tow ball arm and protect the seat with the plug before steam cleaning your vehicle.

Keep the system clean. Periodically lubricate bearings, sliding surfaces, and locking balls with resin-free grease or oil and the lock with graphite.

Keep a note of the key number. In case of loss, replacement keys are available from the manufacturer by stating the 4-digit key number.

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