Capability and Performance

The Ford Kuga will be made available with a 2.0-litre Duratorq TDCi 136 PS 100kW engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Applicable to both FWD and intelligent AWD derivatives the torque, performance and pulling power under all engine and vehicle load conditions have been perfectly calibrated to the new Ford Kuga. This engine provides high levels of torque - 320 Nm at 2,000rpm and 340 Nm in transient overboost. FWD and intelligent AWD variants return favourable fuel economy figures of 6.3 and 6.4 litres of fuel per 100 km respectively, using the combined fuel consumption figures. The intelligent AWD figure of 169 g/km of CO 2 is class-leading.

"Kuga has a 'can-do' attitude and 'go-anywhere' ability and the powertrain perfectly plays its part." Said Herrmann.

The Ford Kuga has been engineered for class-leading on-road driving dynamics and exceptional off-road capabilities for expanded leisure time use.

Using proven and established Ford C-car chassis components and technology as a solid basis, Ford's engineers tailored, tuned and calibrated each component and aspect of the ride and handling to ensure Ford Kuga carries the blue oval family pedigree for strong driving dynamics.

The key overall target was to ensure that Ford Kuga achieved the highest levels of ride, handling, braking and steering performance within the segment. The all-new Ford Kuga uses many new systems and components in order to achieve the programme's targets.

The Ford Kuga joins a highly acclaimed and successful portfolio that is recognised for its safety standards as being a key attribute. The first element contributing to Kuga's safety is the stiff and rigid passenger cell designed and built to resist deformation. A host of active, passive and dedicated pedestrian safety features further contribute to Ford Kuga's safety story. Integrated electronic systems including Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) add to the Kuga's safety and instil driver confidence.

"We put a lot of resources into making our cars as safe as possible for our customers and all other road users," adds Herrmann. "We employ a whole-vehicle holistic and no-compromise approach."

Manufactured at Ford's Saarlouis plant in Germany the new Ford Kuga will be built alongside the new Focus three-door, five-door and wagon variants and C- MAX.

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