Arming the alarm

The system is armed as soon as the vehicle is locked and acts as a deterrent to unauthorised persons who attempt to open the doors, bonnet or luggage compartment, or remove the audio system.

The alarm sounds for 30 seconds if an unauthorised person opens a door, the luggage compartment or the bonnet. The hazard flasher lights will flash for five minutes.

Any attempt to start the engine without a valid key or to remove the audio system sounds the alarm again.

Automatic arming delay

The 20 seconds arming delay begins when the bonnet, luggage compartment and all doors are closed.

Interior sensors
Interior sensors

This system functions correctly only if all windows are completely closed.

In addition to this, the sensors located in the interior lamp unit must not be covered up. The system should not be activated if any persons, animals or other moving objects are inside the vehicle.

This system acts as a deterrent against unauthorised intrusion by sensing any movement within the vehicle.

Unauthorised entry into the vehicle’s interior will trigger the alarm in the same way as the anti-theft system.

The sensors are located in the interior lamp unit.

All except Britain and Ireland

The interior sensing alarm is armed together with the double locking system.

Britain and Ireland only

The interior sensing alarm is armed together with the central locking system.

To deactivate the interior sensors press the switch next to the driver’s door handle.

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