Fuel filler flap

Take care when refuelling to avoid spilling any residual fuel from the fuel pipe nozzle.

We recommend that you wait at least 10 seconds before removing the fuel pipe nozzle to allow any residual fuel to drain into the fuel tank.

If you use a high pressure spray to wash your vehicle, only spray the fuel filler flap briefly from a distance not less than 20 centimetres (8 inches).

Open the flap fully until it engages.

Open the flap fully until it engages.

When you insert the fuel pump nozzle, a spring loaded inhibitor will open if the correct size nozzle is detected. This will prevent filling up with the wrong fuel.

Insert the filler up to the first notch on the

Insert the filler up to the first notch on the nozzle, and keep it in position on the fuel filler opening.

A funnel is located in the glove box. Use this when refilling with a fuel can.

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