Replacing headlamp bulbs

1. Make sure the headlamp control is in the off position.

2. Open the hood.

3. Reach over the front bolster.

4. Remove the bulb by turning it counterclockwise and then pulling it straight out.

5. Disconnect the electrical

5. Disconnect the electrical connector from the bulb.

halogen headlamp bulb WARNING: Handle a
halogen headlamp bulb carefully and keep out of children’s reach. Grasp the bulb only by its plastic base and do not touch the glass. The oil from your hand could cause the bulb to break the next time the headlamps are operated.

6. Connect the electrical connector on the new bulb.

6. Connect the electrical connector on the new bulb.

7. Insert the glass end of the new bulb into the headlamp assembly.

When the grooves in the plastic base are aligned, turn the new bulb clockwise to install.

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