Rolling code programming

Note: Programming the rolling code garage door opener involves time-sensitive actions. Read the entire procedure prior to beginning so you will know which actions are time-sensitive. If you do not follow the time-sensitive actions, the device will time out and you will have to repeat the procedure.

Note: Do not program the Car2U system with the vehicle in the garage.

Make sure that your key is on and engine off while programming the transmitter.

1. Firmly press the two outer Car2U system buttons for 12 seconds, then release.

2. Go to the garage to locate the

2. Go to the garage to locate the garage door opener motor and its learn button. You may need a ladder to reach the unit and you may need to remove the units cover or light lens to locate the learn button. Press the learn button, after which you will have 1030 seconds to return to your vehicle and complete the following steps. If you cannot locate the learn button, refer to the Owners Guide of your garage door opener or call the toll-free Car2U system help line at 1-866-57Car2U (1-866-572-2728).

3. Return to your vehicle. Press and

3. Return to your vehicle. Press and hold the Car2U system button you would like to use to control the garage door. You may need to hold the button from 520 seconds, during which time the selected button indicator light will blink slowly. Immediately (within 1 second) release the button once the garage door moves. When the button is released, the indicator light will begin to blink rapidly until programming is complete.

4. Press and release the button again. The garage door should move,

4. Press and release the button again. The garage door should move, confirming that programming is successful. If your garage door does not operate, repeat the previous steps in this section.

After successful programming, you will be able to operate your Car2U system by pressing the button you programmed to activate the opener.

The indicator light above the selected button will turn on to confirm that the Car2U system is responding to the button command.

To program another rolling code device such as an additional garage door opener, a security device or home lighting, repeat Steps 1 through 4 substituting a different function button in Step 3 than what you used for the garage door opener. For example, you could assign the left-most button to the garage door, the center button to a security device, and the right-most button to another garage door opener.

Note: The Car2U system allows for three devices to be programmed. If you need to change or replace any of the three devices after it has been initially programmed, it is necessary to erase the current settings using the Erasing the Car2U Home Automation System buttons procedure and then programming all of the devices being used.

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