Trailer sway control (if equipped)

Your vehicle may be equipped with trailer sway control (TSC). When properly equipped, trailer sway control will use the sensors of the vehicles AdvanceTrac with RSC system to detect and attempt to mitigate trailer sway by applying brake force at individual wheels and, if necessary, by reducing engine power. No driver action is required.

swaying, it mitigates the sway from increasing once it has WARNING: Trailer sway control does not prevent a trailer from
swaying, it mitigates the sway from increasing once it has occurred. TSC cannot stop all trailers from swaying. If you are experiencing trailer sway, it is likely that the trailer is improperly loaded for the correct tongue weight or the speed of the vehicle and trailer is too high. Pull the vehicle-trailer over to a safe location to check the trailer weight distribution and tongue load and reduce speed to a safe level while towing. If trailer sway is experienced, SLOW DOWN. Always use caution when towing a trailer and follow the tongue weight recommendations. Refer to the Trailer towing section in the Tires Wheels and Loading chapter of this owners guide for more information on towing a trailer with your vehicle.

During trailer sway control events, the stability control light in the instrument cluster will flash momentarily. In some cases, when trailer sway is detected, the vehicle speed is too high and may be at or above a speed at which trailer sway will grow continuously. This may cause the system to activate multiple times, and you may experience a slight deceleration of the vehicle.

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