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Do you know, that Lincoln is Ford's luxury division, though the brand has struggled to be perceived as more than a premium make. With the discontinuation of Mercury and the recent sale of multiple luxury brands once under the Ford umbrella, perhaps Lincoln will be elevated to compete better with Cadillac and the European imports. One of Lincoln's obstacles is that all of its models are versions of Fords; most luxury brands have at least some vehicles that are exclusive down to the platform level.

Lincoln company was founded in August 1915 by Henry M. Leland, one of the founders of Cadillac (originally the Henry Ford Company). In 1917 he left Cadillac which had been sold to General Motors in 1909, with Leland remaining as an executive. He formed the Lincoln Motor Company, named after Abraham Lincoln, his longtime hero, to build Liberty aircraft engines with his son Wilfred using cylinders supplied by Ford Motor Company. After the war, the company's factories were retooled to manufacture luxury automobiles. The Lincoln Motor Company was purchased by Ford Motor Company 1922 but continued to operate somewhat as a separate company from Ford until April 30, 1940. The following day, it became the Lincoln Division of Ford Motor Company.

Lincoln has been the main supplier of presidential limousines for the US government. Cadillac supplied the cars for a few years in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and now since 2004. Every other year it has been Lincoln. Franklin Roosevelt had the first presidential car, a V12 convertible known as the Sunshine Special. After Kennedy’s assassination in a Lincoln, the presidential models were reinforced with armor plating.

Beginning in 2007, Lincoln made a change to its marketing strategy and began giving three-letter names to all new models with the exception of the Navigator and the Town Car. In 2009, Lincoln is expected to make the MKS its new flagship model, replacing the Town Car, which has had that position in the Ford line up since 1981.

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