Automatic transmission

General information

This transmission also allows you to change gear manually (similar to a manual transmission).

Selector lever positions
Selector lever positions

Park P
Reverse R
Neutral N
Drive D
Manual shifting M

Apply the brakes before moving the selector lever and keep them applied until you are ready to move off.

Note: A cold engine has a higher idle speed. This will increase the tendency for your vehicle to creep when you have selected a drive gear.

Press the button on the selector lever to select reverse and park.

The selector lever position will be shown in the information display.


Select park only when your vehicle is stationary.

Apply the parking brake and select park before leaving your vehicle. Make sure that the selector lever is latched in position.

Note: An audible warning will sound if you open the driver's door and you have not selected park.

Note: The battery saver will deactivate the warning chime after a period of time.

In this position, power is not transmitted to the drive wheels and the transmission is locked. You can start the engine with the selector lever in this position.


Select reverse only when your vehicle is stationary and the engine is at idle speed.


In this position, power is not transmitted to the drive wheels but the transmission is not locked. You can start the engine with the selector lever in this position.


Select drive to shift automatically through the forward gears.

Manual shifting

Note: A shift will occur only when the vehicle speed and the engine speed are appropriate.

Select manual shifting to shift manually through the forward gears. Push the selector lever forwards to shift down and pull it backwards to shift up.

Do not hold the selector lever permanently in – or +.

Gears can be skipped by moving the selector lever repeatedly at short intervals.

Manual mode also provides a kickdown function. See Kickdown.

The transmission will automatically downshift when the engine speed is too low and upshift when to high.

Drive modes

The transmission will select the appropriate gear for optimum performance based on ambient temperature, road gradient, vehicle load and driver input.

Hints on driving with an automatic transmission

Moving off

It is not possible to tow-start or push-start a vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission. See Using booster cables.

1. Release the parking brake.

2. Release the brake pedal and press the accelerator pedal.


1. Release the accelerator pedal and press the brake pedal.

2. Apply the parking brake.


Press the accelerator pedal fully with the selector lever in the drive position to select the next lowest gear for optimum performance. Release the accelerator pedal when you no longer require kickdown.

Emergency park position release lever

Use the lever to move the selector lever from the park position in the event of an electrical malfunction or if your vehicle has a flat battery.


Take care when lifting up the hinged cover.

Lift up the hinged cover in the centre console next to the selector lever with a small flat bladed tool.

With a suitable object push down the

With a suitable object push down the locking lever in the slot and simultaneously move the selector lever out of the P position.

Note: If position P is selected again, this procedure must be repeated.

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