Alternative frequencies

Many programmes broadcast on the FM waveband have a programme identification (PI) code, which can be recognised by audio units.

If your radio has alternative frequencies (AF) tuning switched on and you move from one transmission area to another, this facility will search for and switch to a stronger station signal, if one can be found.

Under certain conditions, however, AF tuning may temporarily disrupt normal reception.

When selected, the unit continually evaluates signal strength and, if a better signal becomes available, the unit will switch to that alternative. It mutes while it checks a list of alternative frequencies and, if necessary, it will search once across the selected waveband for a genuine alternative frequency.

It will restore radio reception when it finds one or, if one is not found, the unit will return to the original stored frequency.

When selected, СAFТ will be shown in the display.

Х Press the MENU button.

Х Select AUDIO.

Х Scroll to ALTERNAT. FREQ. and turn on or off with the OK button.

Х Press the MENU button to return.

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