Lighting control

Lighting control positions
Lighting control positions

Off A
Side and tail lamps B
Headlamps C


Note: If you have switched autolamps on, you can only switch the main beam on when autolamps has switched the headlamps on.

The headlamps will come on and go off automatically depending on the ambient light.

Home safe lighting

You can switch home safe lighting on up to 10 minutes after you have switched the ignition off.

Vehicles without autolamps

Switch the headlamps on and then switch them off within two seconds.

Vehicles with autolamps

a. Switch autolamps on and then switch them off within two seconds.

b. Switch autolamps off and then switch them on within two seconds.

Welcome lighting

The side and tail lamps will come on when you unlock the doors with the remote control. They will switch off automatically after a short time.

Main/dipped beam
Main/dipped beam

Pull the lever fully towards the steering wheel to switch between main and dipped beam.

Headlamp flasher
Headlamp flasher

Pull the lever slightly towards the steering wheel.

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