Brake pedal - removal and refitting

1 Remove the clutch pedal as described in Chapter 6.

2 Extract the inboard circlip from the brake pedal end of the pivot shaft (see illustration).

30.2 Extract the inboard circlip (arrowed) to remove the pedal pivot shaft
30.2 Extract the inboard circlip (arrowed) to remove the pedal pivot shaft

3 The brake pedal can now be removed from the pedal bracket by sliding out the pivot shaft, noting the position of any washers and spacers which may be fitted.

4 If desired, the nylon bushes can be prised from each side of the pedal for renewal, and the brake lamp switch removed.

5 Refitting is a reversal of removal, fitting any washers and spacers in their original positions. Refit the clutch pedal.

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