Front anti-roll bar-to-lower arm compliance bushes - renewal

Note: The compliance bushes must be renewed in vehicle sets, therefore the bushes on both sides of the vehicle must be renewed at the same time. If plastic covers were not originally fitted between the dished washers and the bushes, suitable covers should be obtained for fitting during reassembly.

1 Remove the anti-roll bar.

2 Using a thin-bladed chisel or screwdriver, carefully prise out the compliance bushes from the lower arms.

3 Tap the new bushes into place using a suitable socket or tube drift (see illustration).

8.3 Tapping a front anti-roll bar-to-lower arm compliance bush into position
8.3 Tapping a front anti-roll bar-to-lower arm compliance bush into position

4 Some vehicles may have small rubber spacer washers fitted to the ends of the anti-roll bar, and these should be discarded on reassembly.

5 Refit the anti-roll bar.

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