Power steering fluid hoses - removal and refitting

Note: New fluid hose O-rings will be required when refitting.

1 Clean around the hose unions on the steering gear. Place a suitable container beneath the steering gear, then remove the single bolt securing the hoses to the pinion housing, unscrew the hose unions and drain the power steering fluid.

2 Clean around the hose unions on the pump.

Place a suitable container beneath the pump, unscrew the hose unions, and drain any remaining fluid. Ensure that no fluid is allowed to spill onto the alternator.

3 If the hoses are to be left disconnected for a long period of time, plug the ends of the hoses and the apertures in the steering gear and pump, or cover them with masking tape to prevent dirt ingress.

4 Refit in reverse order using new O-rings.

5 On completion top-up the fluid and bleed the system.

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