Oil pressure warning lamp switch - renewal

1 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

2 The switch is located towards the left-hand rear of the cylinder block on SOHC models (see illustration), towards the right-hand rear of the cylinder block on CVH models and on the right-hand side of the cylinder block, between the core plugs, on DOHC models.

16.2 Oil pressure warning lamp switch location (arrowed) - SOHC engine
16.2 Oil pressure warning lamp switch location (arrowed) - SOHC engine

3 Disconnect the wiring from the switch terminal, then unscrew and withdraw the switch. Be prepared for some oil spillage.

4 Clean the threads of the switch and its seat before refitting.

5 After refitting, run the engine and check for oil leaks around the switch, then stop the engine and check the oil level, topping-up if necessary.

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