Taking a New Direction

The stylish and charismatic Ford Kuga is a further demonstration of the exciting new direction Ford of Europe's products are taking. The fresh and modern styling is the starting point with the substance of the car matching this styling promise. This is delivered by leading driving dynamics, a strong and competent safety pedigree, high quality and craftsmanship and a competitive crossover package. A high seating position, the intelligent AWD option and large stowage volumes make the Ford Kuga a very attractive proposition.

"Kuga's arrival will raise the bar in the crossover segment," said Stephen Odell, Ford of Europe's vice president for Marketing, Sales and Service. "Our 'kinetic design' styling has given the car great personality and this gives it tremendous showroom appeal to potential customers."

A carefully selected palette of ten body colours is available for Ford Kuga. A specially developed and brand new metallic colour - Chill - is available for both Ford Kuga series options and drive choices. As a reflection of its iosis X Concept roots the production Ford Kuga is available in two shades of white; solid Frozen White and a brand new metallic Electric White. This colour was first seen on the iosis X Concept car and the pre-production Kuga shown at Frankfurt. The Ford Kuga is the first Ford of Europe production model to use Electric White which uses a specialised application method.

The exterior design features of Ford Kuga naturally incorporate a wealth of practicality that provides much more than first meets the eye. The 'liftgate in liftgate' tailgate offers maximum flexibility and convenience with separate access via micro switches to either the upper tailgate section only or both sections simultaneously.

The materials chosen for Ford Kuga's interior also demonstrate the close links to the iosis X Concept. The eye-catching and lavish Kuga interior incorporates fine leathers and gloss finishes on key areas that were first seen on the iosis X Concept car in piano white but now have a choice of shades depending on the series chosen. Colour-matched details of the interior design and integrated trim colours highlight the instrument panel and door trims, creating a complete, unified look of design-led quality and premium sportiness.

Ford Kuga offers comfortable and spacious seating for up to five adults. The second row seating has a 60/40 split and has been designed to fold completely flat to maximise the usefulness of the available load compartment in two-seat mode. Underseat storage is a practical feature beneath the second row with further storage under the floor of the luggage compartment area which is divided into compartments to offer maximum practicality.

A luggage compartment sill height of 758mm aids the loading of heavy items into the car. The Ford Kuga has a generous luggage capacity of 1355 litres when in two-seat mode, while the enclosed luggage compartment achieves a volume of 360 litres.

The Ford Kuga offers customers two distinct series; Trend and Titanium. These have been developed to provide a clear customer choice of a well-equipped cool and colourful series - the Trend - and the modern, techno premium-feel Titanium.

Trend and Titanium series offer customers a wide range of equipment, technology and styling options. They also provide a strong platform for further personalisation and items to tailor the car exactly to each customer's needs. These needs are further-enhanced and satisfied by the provision of dedicated Packs which provide additional protection, transport, stowage, styling and aftersales products.

The Ford Kuga features some technologies first showcased on Ford's large and luxury segment - and more recently seen on the new generation Ford Focus - while also bringing new features to the segment and the Ford of Europe portfolio for the first time, such as a 'liftgate in liftgate' tailgate.

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