ISOFIX anchor points

ISOFIX anchor points
ISOFIX anchor points

You can fit ISOFIX child restraints using the ISOFIX anchor points.

Your vehicle is fitted with ISOFIX anchor points that accommodate universally approved ISOFIX child restraints.

The ISOFIX system comprises of two rigid attachment arms on the child restraint that attach to anchor points on the rear seats, where the cushion and backrest meet.

A third anchor point has been provided for child seats that are equipped with a top tether, available for use in the forward facing configuration.

The top tether anchors in your vehicle are located on the floor of the luggage compartment.

The tether strap should be routed beneath the raised rear head restraint, to the anchor point on the floor of the luggage compartment. The anchor point is identified by a pictogram.

After installing the child safety seat, tighten the tether strap according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Use an anti-rotation device when using the ISOFIX system. We recommend that you use a top tether or a support leg.

Attaching a child restraint with a top tether
Attaching a child restraint with a top tether

Do not attach a tether strap to anything other than the correct tether anchor point.

Route the tether strap to the anchor point.

Tighten the tether strap to the manufacturer's instructions.

Make sure the top tether strap is not slack or twisted and is properly located on the anchor point.

Make sure that the seatback is secure and fully engaged in the catch.

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