Volvo Cars' Innovations

Volvo Car Corporation, a car manufacturer with a history of over 80 years, is well known for its innovative products which influenced the whole car industry.

The laminated glass windscreen in 1944, the 3-point safety belt saving millions of lives since its introduction in 1959, the lambdasond introduced in 1977 in combination with a three-way catalyst, cleaning emissions by more than 90%, are only some examples. New innovative products are the City Safety System for avoiding a collision and introduced with the XC60, and the Pedestrian Detection with full auto-brake introduced with the new S60.

Naturally, our successful and innovative products inspire others, and we receive every year unsolicited suggestions and ideas from all over the world. To be able to handle this great amount of external ideas in an open and fair process which meet the interests of both parties, we established the Policy for External Ideas.

A large number of accidents and fatalities every year occur because of human negligence. Volvo Cars aims to reduce all this by equipping its vehicles with facilities that are likely to increase safety on the road. These systems provide audio-visual warnings to the driver as and when the need arises, and may even pull the vehicle to a halt if the system believes the problem is critical enough.

On all innovations can be found in the user manual of your new Volvo.

Taking the best care of your Volvo is important to how long it runs well. A Volvo is a dependable vehicle and by choosing only originally manufactured Volvo OEM parts, your car will outlast many others out on the roads.

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