So what is better Ford or Toyota?

Toyota is a Japanese brand whose refined, well-designed vehicles have earned it a great deal of popularity. Toyotas also have a superb record for reliability and durability, which goes a long way toward justifying their typically high purchase prices. For buyers who plan on owning their new vehicles for a long time, the Toyota marque is a very compelling choice.

The automaker's name is a variation of the surname of its founder, Kiichiro Toyoda. After years of research, Toyoda unveiled his first prototype, the A1, in 1935, marking the birth of the Toyota Motor Corporation. The '40s witnessed the launch of additional passenger cars and even a pickup. By the end of the decade, the automaker had produced more than 100,000 vehicles.

The official Toyota history is, like that of most companies, fairly glossy and bare-bones. An article by Konrad Schreier, printed in the Complete Book of Toyota (a bit of a misnomer since the book is mainly a bunch of reprints of gushing, “no criticism allowed” car reviews)

For more than half a century, Toyota has grown with America. We know our success comes from people who buy our products and support our operations. Together, we've made a lot of history.

Why people Choose Toyota?

Toyota is really high quality car. Here is information on Toyota repair manuals and service manuals this manuals are useful for every user of Toyota car.
It stands to reason that the better a product is made the longer it will last, which makes getting a high-quality, low mileage Toyota at a great price a very savvy move.

Toyota's timeless commitment to quality, innovation and durability is the foundation upon which the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) program launched in 1996. With each passing year the TCUV program has gained momentum totaling over three million sales and counting.

That idea why users like Toyota

- somewhat toyota has less connection with “rice“, compare to other cars
- Toyota old school model came in FR
- western country's survey shows over the years toyota's reliability is on the top compare to all other japan cars
- toyota's technical info is more interesting IMHO compare to other cars. You can reed useful information about Toyota in free repair and service manuals.
- toyotarian in forums is nicer to talk to, almost no insulting/flaming/bashing, all civilized people not that other cars forumer are bad or something… but some minority forumer in ICE forum are real…
- i grow up sitting in one, and now i'm the driver of the same car i grow up in.

So what is better Ford or Toyota?

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