Traffic information control

Many stations broadcast on the FM waveband have a TP code to signify that they carry traffic programme information.

Activating traffic announcements

Before you can receive traffic announcements, you must press the TA button. A СTAТ display will appear to show the feature is switched on.

If you are already tuned to a station that broadcasts traffic information, СTPТ will also be displayed. Otherwise the unit will search for a traffic programme.

When traffic information is broadcast, it will automatically interrupt normal radio or CD playback and СTraffic announcement (TA)Т will appear in the display.

If a non-traffic station is selected or recalled using a preset button, the audio unit will remain on that station unless:

Х TA is turned off, then on again.

Х On certain models, the volume control is set to zero for four minutes after which the audio unit will retune to another traffic station.

Traffic announcement volume

Traffic announcements interrupt normal broadcasts at a preset minimum level that is usually louder than normal listening volumes.

To adjust the preset volume: Х Use the volume control to make the necessary adjustment during an incoming TA broadcast. The display will show the level selected.

Ending traffic announcements

The audio unit will return to normal operation at the end of each traffic announcement. To end the announcement prematurely, press TA during the announcement.

Note: If you press TA at any other time it will switch all announcements off.

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