Regional mode (REG)

Regional mode (REG) controls the behaviour of AF switching between regionally related networks of a parent broadcaster. A broadcaster may run a fairly large network across a large part of the country. At various times of the day this large network may be broken down into a number of smaller regional networks, typically centred on major towns or cities. When the network is not split into regional variants, the whole network caries the same programming.

Regional mode ON: This prevents 'random' AF switches when neighbouring regional networks are not carrying the same programming.

Regional mode OFF: This allows a larger coverage area if neighbouring regional networks are carrying the same programming, but can cause 'random' AF switches if they are not.

Х Press the MENU button.

Х Select AUDIO.

Х Scroll to RDS REGIONAL and turn on or off with the OK button.

Х Press the MENU button to return.

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