Principle of operation

Perimeter alarm

The system acts as deterrent against unauthorised access to your vehicle through the doors and the bonnet. It also protects the audio unit.

Interior sensors
Interior sensors

This system functions correctly only if all windows and the sunroof are completely closed.

The system should not be activated if any persons, animals or other moving objects are inside the vehicle.

The sensors in the interior lamp unit must not be covered up.

The system acts as deterrent against unauthorised intrusion by sensing any movement within the vehicle.

The interior sensing alarm is armed together with the central locking system.

To deactivate the interior sensors
To deactivate the interior sensors

Press the upper part of the switch next to the driverТs door handle.

Triggering the alarm

Once armed, the alarm is triggered in any of the following ways:
Х If someone opens a door, the luggage compartment or the bonnet without a valid key or remote control.

Х If someone removes the audio or navigation system.

Х If the ignition is turned to position I, II or III without a valid key.

Х If the interior sensors detect movement within the vehicle.

If the alarm is triggered, the alarm horn will sound for 30 seconds and the hazard warning flashers will flash for five minutes.

Any further attempts to perform one of the above will trigger the alarm again.

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