Fuel injectors - removal and refitting

Note: Refer to the precautions at the end of Section 1 before proceeding. New injector seals will be required on refitting.

1 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

2 Depressurise the fuel system as described in Section 6.

3 Remove the throttle housing as described in Section 9.

4 Disconnect the wiring plugs from the fuel injectors, air charge temperature sensor, and engine coolant temperature sensor.

5 Remove the two fuel injection wiring harness securing nuts, and position the wiring harness clear of the fuel rail (see illustration).

10.5 Fuel injection wiring harness securing nuts (arrowed) - 1.6 EFI engine
10.5 Fuel injection wiring harness securing nuts (arrowed) - 1.6 EFI engine

6 Disconnect the fuel supply hose from the fuel rail, and disconnect the fuel return hose and the vacuum hose from the pressure regulator.

7 Unscrew the two fuel rail securing bolts, and remove the fuel rail, complete with injectors.

8 To remove the injectors, simply pull them from the fuel rail. Recover the O-ring seals (see illustration).

10.8 Fuel rail and injector assembly - 1.6 EFI engine
10.8 Fuel rail and injector assembly - 1.6 EFI engine

1 Fuel inlet
2 Fuel rail
3 Pressure regulator
4 Seals
5 Injector

Refitting 9 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but note that new seals must be fitted to all injectors even if only one injector has been renewed, and all the seals must be lubricated with clean engine oil before fitting to the injectors.

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