Pulse-air delivery tubing (1.6 litre CVH) - removal and refitting

1 Remove the air cleaner assembly.

2 Loosen the hose clips, and disconnect the air hoses from the check valves next to the exhaust manifold (see illustration).

22.2 Pulse-air delivery check valves (arrowed)
22.2 Pulse-air delivery check valves (arrowed)

3 Remove the two bolts securing the check valve bracket to the exhaust manifold.

4 Unscrew the unions securing the air tubes to the manifold, then carefully withdraw the tubing assembly, taking care not to distort the tubes (see illustration).

22.4 Unscrewing a pulse-air delivery tube union
22.4 Unscrewing a pulse-air delivery tube union

5 Refitting is a reversal of removal.

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