Windscreen and fixed window glass - removal and refitting

Windscreen Note: The average DIY mechanic is advised to leave windscreen removal and refitting to an expert. For the owner who insists on doing it himself, the following paragraphs are given.

1 All models are fitted with a laminated glass screen and in consequence even if cracked, it will probably be removed as one piece.

2 Cover the bonnet in front of the windscreen with an old blanket to protect against scratching.

3 Remove the wiper arms and blades (see Chapter 12).

4 Working inside the vehicle, push the lip of the screen weather seal under the top and the sides of the body aperture flange.

5 With an assistant standing outside the car to restrain the screen, push the glass with weather seal out of the bodyframe.

6 Where fitted, extract the bright moulding from the groove in the weatherstrip and then pull the weatherstrip off the glass.

7 Unless the weatherstrip is in good condition, it should be renewed.

8 Although sealant it not normally used with these screens, check that the glass groove in the weatherstrip is free from sealant or glass chippings.

9 Commence refitting by fitting the weatherstrip to the glass. Locate a length of nylon or terylene cord in the body flange groove of the weatherstrip so that the ends of the cord emerge at the bottom centre and cross over by a length of about 150 mm.

10 Offer the screen to the body and engage the lower lip of the weatherstrip on its flange.

With an assistant applying gentle, even pressure on the glass from the outside, pull the ends of the cord simultaneously at rightangles to the glass. This will pull the lip of the weatherstrip over the body flange. Continue until the cord is released from the centre top and the screen is fully fitted.

11 If a bright moulding was removed, refit it now. This can be one of the most difficult jobs to do without a special tool. The moulding should be pressed into its groove just after the groove lips have been prised open to receive it. Take care not to cut the weatherstrip if improvising with a made-up tool.

Tailgate glass
12 The operations are very similar to those described for windscreen renewal in the preceding sub-Section.

13 Disconnect the leads from the heated rear window/radio aerial and the wiper motor (where fitted).

14 The tailgate glass is of toughened type, not laminated, so if it has shattered, remove all granular glass with a small vacuum cleaner.

Rear window glass - Cabriolet models
15 Disconnect the heated rear window wiring and pull the wiring from the weatherstrip.

16 Have an assistant support the window frame from outside then push out the glass from the inside.

17 Remove the weatherstrip from the glass and clean away all traces of sealant.

18 Refit in reverse order to removal using the method described previously in this Section for the windscreen, and finally apply suitable sealant beneath the outer lip of the weatherstrip.

Fixed rear quarter window Removal
19 The glass is removed complete with weatherstrip by pushing it out from inside the vehicle.

20 The lip of the weatherstrip must be released from the top and sides of the window aperture using a suitable tool before exerting pressure to remove the assembly.

21 Refit using a cord as described previously in this Section for the windscreen.

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