Wash/wipe system components - removal and refitting

Windscreen washer pump Engine compartment-mounted reservoir
1 Drain the washer fluid container.

2 Disconnect the lead and washer pipe.

3 Ease the top of the washer pump away from the fluid container and remove it.

4 Refitting is a reversal of removal; check that the pump sealing grommet is a good fit.

Windscreen washer pump - wingmounted reservoir
5 On some models the windscreen washer pump and fluid reservoir are mounted on the forward end of the underside of the left-hand front wing panel. It also incorporates the headlamp washer pump which also draws its fluid from this reservoir.

6 To remove the reservoir and pump units withdraw the level dipstick and syphon the fluid out of the reservoir through the filler neck.

7 Unscrew and remove the reservoir retaining bolts at its top end from inside the engine compartment.

8 Working under the wheel arch, unscrew and remove the two lower retaining bolts.

9 Withdraw the reservoir, carefully pulling its filler neck through the grommet on the inner wing panel. Disconnect the pump hoses.

10 The pump and fluid level sensor unit can be eased away from their location apertures in the reservoir.

11 Refitting is a reversal of removal; check that the pump and fluid level sensor grommets are in good condition when reassembling, and check for leaks on completion.

Tailgate washer pump
Saloon models
12 Remove the load space trim panel as described in Chapter 11.

13 Disconnect the leads at the multi-plug.

14 Unscrew the three reservoir mounting screws, and remove the reservoir until the fluid pipe can be pulled from the pump.

15 With the reservoir removed, pull the pump from its reservoir seal.

16 Refit by reversing the removal operations.

Estate models
17 Open the tailgate, raise the spare wheel cover and disconnect the electrical leads and fluid pipe from the pump.

18 Extract the two securing screws and remove the pump (see illustration).

20.18 Tailgate washer pump retaining screws (A) - Estate models
20.18 Tailgate washer pump retaining screws (A) - Estate models

Refitting 19 Refitting is a reversal of removal.

Windscreen washer jets
Single jet system - pre-1986 models Removal
20 Open the bonnet and disconnect the washer pipe from the jet.

21 If the pipe stub on the jet assembly is now pushed to one side, the jet retaining tang will be released and the jet can be removed from the bonnet grille slots.

22 Refit by reversing the removal operations.

The end of the plastic washer pipe should be warmed in very hot water to make it easier to push onto the jet pipe stub and so avoid breaking it.

23 Adjustment of the jet spray pattern can be done using a pin in the jet nozzle.

Twin jet system - pre-1986 models 24 Later models are fitted with a twin jet windscreen washer system instead of the single jet type used on earlier models.

25 The jets are located as shown, one each side on the bonnet inner panel (see illustration). The washer supply hose is connected to a central T-piece connector which directs the fluid to each jet.

20.25 Twin jet windscreen washer layout - pre-1986 models
20.25 Twin jet windscreen washer layout - pre-1986 models

26 The twin jets can be adjusted in the same manner as the earlier single type. They should be set so that the fluid jets hit the windscreen about 250 mm (9.8 in) from the top edge of the windscreen.

Twin jet system - 1986 models onwards
27 1986 models onwards are fitted with a twin jet system but using the same jet type as the early single jet system.

28 Removal, refitting and adjustment procedures for this washer type are therefore the same as described previously.

Tailgate washer jet
29 Remove the tailgate wiper motor as described in Section 19.

30 Pull the washer jet off the tailgate wiper motor shaft, disconnect the hose and remove the jet.

31 Refitting is the reverse of removal.

Headlamp washer pump
32 Drain the washer reservoir by siphoning, and disconnect the electrical leads from the pump.

33 Disconnect the fluid pipe from the pump.

34 Release the reservoir clamp screw.

35 Ease the top of the pump from the reservoir and remove it upwards.

36 Refitting is a reversal of removal.

Headlamp washer jet
37 The headlamp washer jets are an integral part of the bumper overrider and cannot be removed separately. If a jet is to be renewed for any reason the complete overrider must be obtained (see Chapter 11).

38 Adjustment of the jets entails the use of special tool 32-004. If the tool is not available, have this work carried out by a Ford dealer.

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