Exhaust pressure transducer (1.8 litre (R6A type) CVH) - removal and refitting

1 The EPT unit is located on the right-hand side of the engine, behind the CFI unit (see illustration).

32.1 Exhaust pressure transducer attachments - 1.8 litre (R6A) CVH
32.1 Exhaust pressure transducer attachments - 1.8 litre (R6A) CVH

A Exhaust pressure transducer B Vacuum hose

2 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

3 Remove the air cleaner assembly.

4 Disconnect the EPT wiring plug, and slip the unit out of its mounting bracket.

5 Detach the vacuum hose, and remove the unit from the car.

6 Refitting is a reversal of removal.

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