Handbrake lever - removal and refitting

1 Chock the rear wheels, jack up the front of the vehicle and support on axle stands.

Release the handbrake. Disconnect the battery negative lead.

2 Slacken the handbrake cable adjuster.

3 Extract the securing circlip and pivot pin, and detach the handbrake equaliser from the linkage on the underbody (see illustration).

29.3 Handbrake equaliser and linkage on underbody
29.3 Handbrake equaliser and linkage on underbody

4 Working inside the vehicle, remove the handbrake lever rubber gaiter and/or the centre console, as necessary.

5 Disconnect the wiring connector from the handbrake УonФ warning switch.

6 Unscrew the two handbrake lever mounting bolts, and carefully lift the lever through the underfloor gaiter.

7 If required, the handbrake УonФ warning switch can be removed.

8 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but on completion, adjust the handbrake cable.

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