Rear suspension leaf spring bush (P100 models) - renewal

Note: All self-locking nuts and spring washers must be renewed on reassembly.

1 Proceed as described in Section 19, paragraphs 1 to 3 inclusive.

2 Unbolt the relevant end of the leaf spring, and lower it to gain access to the bush. Note that if the shackle end of the spring is unbolted, the shackle-to-underbody bolt should be loosened in order to aid refitting.

3 The bush can be removed using a long bolt with nut, washers and a suitable metal tube.

4 Lubricate the new bush with soapy water and fit using the bolt, nut, washers and tube.

5 Proceed as described in Section 19, paragraphs 6 to 9 inclusive.

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