A wide selection of genuine Ford accessories are available for your vehicle through your local authorized Ford, Lincoln, Mercury or Ford of Canada dealer. These quality accessories have been specifically engineered to fulfill your automotive needs; they are custom designed to complement the style and aerodynamic appearance of your vehicle. In addition, each accessory is made from high quality materials and meets or exceeds Ford's rigorous engineering and safety specifications. Ford Motor Company will repair or replace any properly dealer-installed Ford accessory found to be defective in factory-supplied materials or workmanship during the warranty period, as well as any component damaged by the defective accessory. The accessory will be warranted for whichever provides you the greatest benefit:

  • 12 months or 20,000 km (12,000 miles) (whichever occurs first), or
  • the remainder of your new vehicle limited warranty.

This means that genuine Ford accessories purchased along with your new vehicle and installed by the dealer are covered for the full length of your New Vehicle's Limited Warranty - 3 years or 60,000 km (36,000 miles) (whichever occurs first). Contact your dealer for details and a copy of the warranty.

Not all accessories are available for all models.

Vehicle Security

Remote keyless entry
Wheel locks
Vehicle security systems

Comfort and convenience

Cargo net
Cargo organizer
Engine block heater
Remote start system
Smoker's package

Travel equipment

Auto headlamps with daytime running lights (DRL) Console armrest
Daytime running lights (DRL) Electrochromic inside mirror with compass Electrochromic inside mirror with compass and temperature display Highway safety kit
First aid kit
Removable luggage rack
Removable luggage rack adapters (bike, ski and snowboard) Speed control

Protection and appearance equipment

Air bag anti-theft locks All-weather floor mats
Car cover
Cargo liner
Carpet floor mats
Flat splash guards
Front end covers (full)
Molded splash guards
Rear decklid spoiler
Universal floor mats

For maximum vehicle performance, keep the following information in mind when adding accessories or equipment to your vehicle:

  • When adding accessories, equipment, passengers and luggage to your vehicle, do not exceed the total weight capacity of the vehicle or of the front or rear axle (GVWR or GAWR as indicated on the Safety compliance certification label). Consult your dealer for specific weight information.
  • Loaded vehicles, with a higher center of gravity, may handle differently than unloaded vehicles. Extra precautions, such as lower speeds and increased stopping distance, should be taken when driving a heavily loaded vehicle.
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Canadian Radio Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulate the use of mobile communications systems - such as two-way radios, telephones and theft alarms - that are equipped with radio transmitters. Any such equipment installed in your vehicle should comply with FCC or CRTC regulations and should be installed only by a qualified service technician.
  • Mobile communications systems may harm the operation of your vehicle, particularly if they are not properly designed for automotive use or are not properly installed. When operated, such systems may cause the engine to stumble or stall or cause the transmission to be damaged or operate improperly. In addition, such systems may be damaged or their performance may be affected by operating your vehicle. (Citizens band [CB] transceivers, garage door openers and other transmitters with outputs of five watts or less will not ordinarily affect your vehicle's operation.)
  • Ford cannot assume responsibility for any adverse effects or damage that may result from the use of such equipment.


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