Exhaust gas recirculation valve (1.8 litre (R6A type) CVH) - removal and refitting

1 The EGR valve is located on the right-hand side of the engine, below the CFI unit.

2 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

3 Disconnect the vacuum hose connecting the EGR valve to the electronic vacuum regulator (see illustration).

31.3 Exhaust gas recirculation valve attachments - 1.8 litre (R6A) CVH
31.3 Exhaust gas recirculation valve attachments - 1.8 litre (R6A) CVH

A Metal tube-to-EGR valve retaining nut B Vacuum hose
C EGR valve retaining bolts D EGR valve metal tube location

4 Undo the nut securing the metal tube to the underside of the valve. Undo the two bolts, and remove the valve from the engine.

5 Refitting is a reversal of removal, but loosely fit the metal tube securing nut to the EGR valve before fitting the valve in position.

Tighten the nut securely on completion.

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