Engine mountings - renewal

1 The engine mountings incorporate hydraulic dampers and must be renewed if excessive engine movement is evident.

2 Working in the engine compartment, unscrew the central nuts securing the engine mounting brackets to the tops of the mountings. Recover the washers where applicable.

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3 Remove the two bolts or the central nut and washer (as applicable) in each case securing the mountings to the crossmember.

4 Raise the engine using a hoist and lifting tackle attached to the engine lifting brackets on the cylinder head, or a jack with an interposed block of wood under the sump, until the mountings can be withdrawn (see illustration).

17.4 Withdrawing an engine mounting
17.4 Withdrawing an engine mounting

5 Fit the new mountings, then lower the engine onto them.

6 Fit the bolts or the nuts and washers (as applicable) securing the mountings to the crossmember, and tighten them.

7 Fit and tighten the central nuts, and washers if applicable, securing the engine mounting brackets to the tops of the mountings.

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